Self-learning in SAP practices

Purchase order me21n
Display the Purchase Order me23n
Issue a Purchase Order me9f
Purchase order me21n
Good receipt migo
Invoice miro
Create Vendor master record xk01
Create material mm01
Display material mm03
Extend material mm01
Vendor Account Group spro
Enter material data for several storage locations MMSC
Material list MM60
Massive Maintenance MM17
Condition in the PO ME21N
Request for Quotation ME41
Quotation Processing ME47
Compare prices and rejections ME47
Print rejection letters ME9A
Configure the document overview ME21N
Messages → Print/Transmit (ME9F) ME9f
Change the purchase order ME22N
Info record per material ME1M
Change info record ME12
Block material for procurement MM02
Planning Material Master Changes  MM12
Displaying Planned Changes MM14
Activating Planned Changes MM13
Displaying the Change Master Record CC03
Displaying Planned Changes MM14
Create a material master MM01
Displaying Ranking Lists of the Evaluation Results ME65
Performing a New Evaluation Automatically and
Displaying the Log
Displaying a Standard Analysis with SAP Graphics MCE1
Defining Flexible Analyses MCDA
Create selection variant in PO
Select selection variant in PO
Document Overview
Creating a Purchase Order Using the Enjoy Interface ME21N
Entering a GR Against the PO Using the Enjoy Interface migo
Entering the Invoice MIRO
Creating a Purchase Requisition ME51N
Source Determination for the PReq. via Price Simulation ME57
Creating a Purchase Order (from the Purchase
Creating a Shipping Notification VL31N
Displaying the Material Documents MB03
Printing the Purchase Order ME9F
Release Blocked Invoices MRBR
Displaying the Scheduling Agreement and the Source
Master Data → Source List → Display. ME03
Scheduling the Delivery ME38
Displaying the Stock/Requirements Lists MD04
Displaying Data on Consignment Stock ME13
Creating a Consignment Contract ME31K
Source List Administration ME01
Creating a Purchase Requisition ME51N
View cost centers by vendor ME2K
Purchase requisition ME51N
Create PO from Purchase requisition ME21N
Displaying a Goods Receipt MB03
Displaying Stock Levels MMBE
Transferring Consignment Stock to a Cost Center MB1A
Displaying the Pipeline Material and info record MM03
Displaying the Source List ME03
Posting Pipeline Withdrawals MB1A
Settling Pipeline Liabilities MRKO
Creating a Central Outline Agreement ME31K
Creating a Purchase Requisition 2 ME51N
Converting PReqs into POs Using Source Determination ME57
Displaying the Statistical Data for the Agreement History ME33K
Executing Invoice Verification MIRO
Release Blocked Invoices 2 MRBR
Quota arrangement usage MM03
Displaying a Quota Arrangement MEQ3
Entering Manual Purchase Requisitions ME51N
Assigning and Processing Purchase Requisitions ME57
Creating the Outline Agreement ME31K
Maintaining the Source List 2 ME01
Converting the Purchase Requisition into a Purchase Order ME58
Manually Creating a Release Order for the Outline Agreement ME21N
Displaying the Accounting Documents MIR4
Consumable Materials With Multiple Account Assignment ME21N
Creating a Subcontract Order ME21N
Checking SC Stock Levels and Transfer Postings ME2O
Posting the Goods Receipt for the SC Order MIGO
Displaying the Purchase Order History ME23N
Display the manufacturing bill of material (BOM) CSMB
Creating a Purchase Requisition 3 ME51N
Converting a Purchase Requisition into an RFQ ME57
Displaying an RFQ ME4S
Entering Quotations ME47
Comparing Quotations ME49
Ordering an Item from One-Time Vendor who Quoted Lowest Price ME21N
Ordering Item fr. Vendor w. Master Rec. who Quoted Lowest Price ME49
Displaying Material Stock for the Material MMBE
Adjusting Message Records in Purchasing
Message Output for the Purchase Order ME9F
Changing the Standard Purchase Order ME22N
Displaying Classifying Attributes CT04
Displaying Classification Classes CL02
Displaying MM Customizing – Release Group spro
Displaying MM Customizing – Workflow Role Resolution ME54N
Creating a Purchase Requisition – released method ME51N
Releasing the Purchase Requisition in MM, Level 1 ME54
Defining the valuation level in Customizing
Stock Overview and Stock Types MMBE
Creating a Rebate Arrangement MEB1
Define credit control area
Displaying The Accounting Data For Plant Level Or Batch Level MM03
Valuation Record Of The Material MM60
Displaying the Purchase Order and PO History ME23N
Displaying the Vendor Master Record MK03
Display purchasing info record ME13
Displaying the Scheduling Agreement ME33L
Displaying the SA Schedule Lines ME38
Creating a Physical Inventory Document MI01
Print physical inventory
Entering Inventory Count Results MI04
Displaying the Accounting Document MB03
Creating Physical Inventory Documents 2
Blocking a Material for Posting MI02
Printing Physical Inventory Documents MI21
Freezing Book Inventory Balances MI02
Entering the Physical Inventory Count MI04
Definir control de condiciones a nivel de Planta
Payment Vendor F-53


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